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May 2020

Thyatira wk.5

Thyatira – too much toleration Revelation 2:18-29 Jesus’ words to the church in Thyatira include some commendation for their actions, but a ton of correction of their doctrine. They were sinfully more tolerant than God—which is still a temptation for… Read More »Thyatira wk.5

Pergamum wk.4

pergamum – compromise in the perg Revelation 2:12-17 It is deadly to compromise your conviction because of cultural convenience…welcome to Pergamum. Jesus commends the Church at Pergamum for withstanding physical, political, and religious persecution in their city, where Satan’s throne… Read More »Pergamum wk.4

Smyrna wk.3

SMYRNA – Faithful Friends Are Hard To Find Turkey is the least churched nation; still, Jesus tells the church in Smyrna to be encouraged and to endure what he endured (tribulation, poverty, slander, suffering, even death), but not to fear.… Read More »Smyrna wk.3

Ephesus wk.2

PROLOGUE – All Head, No Heart By all outward appearances things were good at Ephesus… Like many churches, this church was doing many good things. But, they had somehow neglected and lost the most important thing in their ministry endeavors:… Read More »Ephesus wk.2