Tech team Covenant

Please read the following information and click submit when finished.

1 ~ Put block-out dates into PCO (Planning Center Online) for when I’m unable to lead for 6 months-1 year so we can schedule you out. (if your dates are not blocked out on PCO we will assume you are available every Sunday)

2 ~ Turn on my notifications for the rest worship FB page

3 ~ Check the rest worship FB page for information on practice times

4 ~ Accept or Decline my scheduled position on Planning Center Online weekly when I am scheduled

5 ~ Check PCO to see the updated set-list

6 ~ Let the worship leader know if I am having trouble with the key of a pad 

7 ~ Let the worship leader know if I am having technical trouble with PCO

9 ~ Listen to the set list so that I am familiar with the songs prior to Sunday am

10 ~ Find a replacement if I will be absent and communicate that info to the worship leader



1 ~ Be at practice, ready to go on time

2 ~ Let the worship leader know if I will be late to practice and understand being late or absent may result in me not leading  on Sunday

3 ~ Keep my area clean of trash


1 ~ Have my equipment and self, ready to go at the scheduled time of band practice

2 ~ Set myself up and then offer to help the worship leader or tech team on anything else that needs to be set up

3 ~ Pay attention by making notes during run through on instructions regarding transitions, closing the door, dynamics, who’s singing and etc.,

4 ~ Have went to bed early enough on Saturday that I don’t just roll out of bed and into Church Sunday

5 ~ Come awake because I have been preparing my own heart to lead that morning by reading the scriptures and praying

6 ~ Get water, coffee, or whatever I need before practice begins

7 ~ Sit myself out if my heart isn’t in the right place to lead that morning

8 ~ Understand that this is a run-through for service and not general practice like Thursday

9 ~ Not rely on the TV screen lyrics to lead the band, the vocalist will lead the screen. If they crash, it’s not a big deal because they should know their stuff

10 ~ Let the worship leader know if I will be late to practice and understand being late may result in me not leading 

11 ~ Make sure my area is clean of (batteries, papers, cups, cables rolled nicely, etc.,)

12 ~ Be at the team meeting at 10a in the counseling room

13 ~ Be back in the sanctuary no later than 10:15a for the start of Pre-Roll *10:20ish*

14 ~ If things didn’t go well or as expected before service I won’t sweat it, instead I will pray or read some scripture and set my focus back to Jesus. (refer back to our Leadership Motto)


1 ~ Set the mood for the congregation by my words, actions and presence

2 ~ Follow the cues given by the worship leader or service producer on where to go in our songs (build, fade out, repeating something) 

3 ~ Be enthusiastic and engaged (during the pre-roll) because Jesus is alive!

4 ~ Work to keep the congregation involved with worship by paying attention to what’s going on

6 ~ Not be a distraction, but will be a compass to Jesus


1 ~ Spend at least 10 minutes talking with people before I pack up, and roll out

2 ~ Ask if there is any-way I can help the tech team or deacons shut down

3 ~ Make sure my area is clean of (batteries, papers, cups, cables rolled nicely, etc.,)

4 ~ Put my Mic back in its designated area in the sound booth


1 ~ Not get drunk

2 ~ Not abuse drugs

3 ~ Be faithful to my spouse

4 ~ Not humiliate, ridicule, gossip, threaten or degrade anyone on the team (in person, online, via text/phone or social)

5 ~ Follow the direction God the Holy Spirit is directing the worship leader

6 ~ Be a fan publicly, and a critic privately

7 ~ Praise loudly and blame softly 

8 ~ Not be a diva, because this isn’t about me

9 ~ If information is lacking or if there is confusion, I will always assume the best in others instead of jumping to conclusions

10 ~ Honor Jesus with how I leverage my social media & authority

11 ~ Be punctual and prepared for band practice and Sunday morning’s according to the info above

12 ~ Attend Church even when I am not leading. If I will be absent for service I will communicate that to the worship leader via text before service

13 ~ If at any time I feel confused, discouraged, or unhappy with the way things may be going, I will speak with Alissa, or John about it openly and honestly because they have my back

14 ~ Hold myself accountable

15 ~ Be responsible for the quality of worship when I lead


1 ~ Strive for a lifestyle that resembles one who has been forgiven & saved by God’s grace

2 ~ Work really hard to make sure Jesus is the hero and not me

3 ~ Work toward praying daily for my family, my Pastors, my team, my Church and the lost

4 ~ Work toward reading the scriptures daily

5 ~ Let God the Holy Spirit direct my worship and leadership

6 ~ Be committed to growing in discipleship with the worship team