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WORSHIP /ˈwərSHəp/ ~ pointing the compass off of you and onto Jesus.

Team Leaders

John wisdom

Worship Pastor - both campuses

Josh Pearson

Worship Leader - both campuses

Connor Windings

Worship Leader - Metropolis

Todd Smith

Band Leader - Both Campuses

Jason Jones


Alissa Riley

vocal leader - Both Campuses

Molly Walls

Vocal Leader - both Campuses

Grace Donaldson

Vocal Leader - Paducah

Stacie Street

Vocal Leader - Paducah


  • Here at rest, we know that culture either happens by default or by design. Rather than allowing our feelings, upbringing, or the standards of our society take the lead, our goal is to intentionally and consistently create the culture we want to see.
  • We don’t have to do this, we get to do this!

My purpose of being part of the Worship Team is to be a compass that helps point everyone to Jesus.

The overall “why,” behind our worship experience on Sunday morning’s at rest is to reach the lost with the Gospel; it’s not to see friends, it’s not to just follow a routine, it’s not to do mass karaoke, it’s not to sing a special, it’s not to be the star of the show. Everything we do points toward reaching the lost with the gospel. While a Christian should grow on Sunday morning, they are not our primary target because true depth/growth happens in circles not rows. Each Sunday is someone’s first and last chance with Jesus and we take that very seriously in our preparation and execution of the worship experience.

Music is one of the tools that God uses to reach the lost and draw everyone closer to Christ. When someone walks into rest Church they immediately define us based on their Sunday morning worship experience. The music sets the tone for who we are; the style, the speed, the tempo, the quality and the words are all God’s which can be used to bring Him glory. We sing and play our instruments for His glory and His pleasure. Our singing and playing should be an expression of our own lives and inspire those in the congregation to do the same. It is never about us, it is always about Him. We do our best to minimize distractions and create a clear path for God the Holy Spirit to move people to response.


Ubuntu /ˈew-BUN-too’/ ~ the better you are, the better I am.

Our Lens

The Gospel of Jesus Christ, which is our hope in life and death, also sets the agenda for how we live, relate and lead between our conversion and our final destination with Christ. Ephesians 4 helps us understand the gospel lens of how we are to view and handle our relationships: “I therefore, a prisoner for the Lord, urge you to walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called, with all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love, eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.”~Ephesians 4:1-3

These truths form the way we think about ourselves and also our relationships with one another.


I am a leader.
I am a person of influence.
Today I choose to be a blessing.
With God’s help there is nothing I can’t do.
Instead of being reactive, I will be proactive.
I know the answer.
I am the solution.



  • Questions we want to ask before the weekend worship experience.
  • If we can ask these questions and answer them honestly, we should be able to step into the weekend with confidence & individuality.

How would this outfit look under stage lights? – Is there anything that should be hidden that won’t be hidden under the lights? 

Is the fit of this distracting in any way / any area? – Front and back – be conscious of both 

Are there any rips / distressing above the knee in your pants that are revealing?

How’s the cut of this shirt? – Is it too low, too loose, too thin? – Will you see cleavage? – When you lift your hands in worship, is there anything that will be revealed? 

Do I really want to show my feet to so many people? – Can I move comfortably / freely in these shoes? – Is there a chance I’m going to fall in these shoes? 

On the special occasion that you want to wear a dress/skirt: how does the fabric look in stage lights? – Can you see through it? – Is it calf-length or longer? – Can you genuinely move/ worship/jump etc. freely in this?

With my hat or hairstyle, can people still see my face and expression as I worship?

Am I being the best version of me?

Am I trying to be someone else?

Is there anything about the brand, band, or pattern on my outfits that’s distracting or promotes something that could be considered inappropriate?