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The main thing, is to keep the main thing, the main thing. And that's Jesus.


There’s something for every age at rest Church, from exciting children’s services, to engaging worship, to opportunities 

for you make a difference in Paducah and around the world. Let us help find out where God is calling you.


If you’re a follower of Jesus then serving others is a byproduct of growing in Him. Our hope is that each person would have ministry serving in each of these areas: this Church, this city, this country, and this world.

Life Happens In Circles, Not Rows

rest Group

rest Group is an expression of the Church outside of Sunday morning. Different affinity and interest based groups meet together throughout the week at various locations and times. If there’s not a rest group that fits your needs, that just means there’s one waiting for you to lead it!

The Most Fun You've Had all week!


rest Kids ministry is the most fun your kiddo will have all week! We strive to provide a fun, loving, safe, Christ centered environment for all of our children. It is our goal that they discover God’s love for them and see that He has created them on purpose for a purpose.

jesus is the real mvp


Everything we do with student ministry at RSM – whether a fun event or a mission trip, is centered around Jesus. RSM is for 6th-12th grade and we meet up every Wednesday night @6:30-8p {doors open @6p}

You never get a 2nd chance,
to make a 1st impression

1st Impressions

We believe that every Sunday is someone’s FIRST Sunday to visit and someone’s LAST Sunday because they’re ready to give up on Church. Our 1st Impressions team is one of our most important ministries because you’re the first touch for outsiders. Our goal in every interaction with new guests is to exceed their expectations of hospitality and love.

Thanks for Checking Us Out

"We are passionate about helping people discover Jesus, because once you place
your giftedness next to His purpose, some incredible things can happen
and you'll never be the same."
Pastor Johann
If you only pray when you're in trouble, then you're in trouble

Prayer Warriors

Here at rest, we strive to be a praying Church. In In fact, we have a team committed to pray for our leadership, pastors, staff, Church, our community, and the lost. We believe that prayer changes everything, and we consider it an honor to be able to go before God on someone else’s behalf to pray for them. If you want more info on joining this team to pray along with us, contact us below.

Missions exist because worship doesn't


We believe in Local & Global Missions, because our God is both a Local & Global God. We serve others to show the grace of Christ in an effort that they might meet Jesus and then learn to follow Him and continue the discipleship cycle Jesus modeled for us to follow.

god isn't moved by the quality of your voice, but the condition of your heart


Worship is who we are, not just what we do. In our services at rest we believe our music sets the tone for who we are; the style, the speed, the tempo, and the selection are all Gods which can be used to bring glory to Him. Sunday’s worship experience feels like a party because Jesus is alive and so we always have a reason to celebrate!

You never know who you might reach with the Gospel on your social platform

Media & Tech

Service production is where our worship leaders behind the scenes serve each week, helping drive incredible worship experiences and minimizing distractions so that God the Holy Spirit can come in and do His thing. This team helps run the sound, cameras, computers, Church app, social media and Church online.

taste & see that the lord is good.

Meal Trains

Whether someone has a new baby (we have a ton of those btw), an injury, surgery, is on military deployment, an extended illness or other major life change – meal trains are a way for you to tangibly ease the burden of those in need. If you can cook, or can order some take-out then you’re qualified!

sheepdogs guide the flock of god
and at times fight off the wolves


Maintaining a safe environment for everyone to worship at is a top priority for rest Church. From Children’s Ministry to the Sanctuary; our staff and security team has a safety + security plan and mindset. We choose to rise above denial and fear when it comes to security so that we create a safe place for everyone who comes through our doors.

Not sure where to plug-in?

The best way to find out what best fits you is to try a few different places you might like on a trial basis. We’ve also put a couple of assessment links below that can help you figure out your gifting that can help point you in a direction that fits your calling. And, as always if you’re not sure where to start contact us and we would love to help you find your place!